This is gonna be a short one, folks

Posted: May 29, 2014 in fuckery
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(aka, Femi needs a break from thinking about misogynist murdering triggering sad fucks and those who support them)

My alter ego writes novels.  And there was this great hashtag #weneeddiversebooks that showed the need for well, you can read the damned hashtag.  The response I saw on Twitter and Tumblr was mostly positive.

Of course, anything remotely progressive brings the fuckshit to the yard like flies to shit. This one comment, repeated a lot, is one that just…ugh:

“If you want diverse books, write them.”

I will throat punch the next person who says this in my presence, like writing books is such an easy fucking thing that everyone who wants to see and read something different can just pull a novel out of their ass, get it published and read by tons of people. Not like it’s hard or anything.

Listen fuckface, writing fiction is a motherfucking SKILL. Not everyone can do it well, not everyone wants to do it at all, some would rather just read (and all of the thanks to you), not everyone has the time/ability/whatever. I know that some folks whine every November about how NaNoWriMo cheapens the ‘art of writing” or some bullshit. No. THIS shit, however, is an insult.

No Love,

Ms. Writers Block ’14

P.S. This also goes for movies, video games, etc.

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