Screw the Rules (or Laws or Manners), I have Jesus: Redux

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Saturday, the cops were called on our merry band of morons. Twice.

Were they being overly aggressive? Nope.

Did they lay a finger on an escort?  Nope.

Did they cross the property line and refuse to step back. Nope.

It was a sign.  Two,  actually. There was this one near the front entrance:

"You don't have to abort!" We also don't have to listen to you.

“You don’t have to abort!” We also don’t have to listen to you.



Even God hates your sign

Even God hates your sign

And the same sign lashed to a pole on the other side of the building.

The clinic director, who had recently informed us that we had carte blanche to drop a dime on the protesters when they step out of line, saw these signs and told our long suffering and very supportive security dude to inform the protesters that they cannot attach their signs on those poles.  So he did.  And they said they would.

Ten or so minutes later, they did not move them.  As a matter of fact, every time the wind blew them down, the protester I’ve been calling Creepy Grandpa (who is so very creepy) just lifted it back up.  So, our long suffering and very supportive (and NICE!) security guy came back out and told them he was calling the police.  They would not move their signs until the cops showed up.

They said that.  To his face.

So, we wait, and a cop drives by and the sign is taken away.  Until our long suffering and very supportive and now very annoyed security dude notes the sign on the other sign of the building was still up.  And they weren’t going to move it until the cops told them to.  AGAIN.

Oh, this is going to be an interesting couple of weeks.  I hope they stop.  I hope they get ticketed.  I also hope for spontaneous combustion, if such a thing existed.

During this whole to-do, I overheard one of the merry band whine, “They’re killing babies in there, and they’re worried about a sign?”

*HEADTHUMP*  Screw the laws, huh?


While this was happening, I was on my way back outside (after informing the clinic on what was going on i.e. the cops) with a patient, who informed me that when she was coming in with her partner and two kids, one of the merry band leaned in, trying to hand her partner their bullshit brochure (my words, not hers).  She didn’t want her partner to take it, and then the protester started talking about how “they’re killing babies in there.”

With this woman’s two kids in the back.  And these kids were young, all squeaky voiced and endless energy.  Because Screw Manners, huh?

(the mom was awesome, though.  When she gathered the family to return to the clinic for a couple of minutes, she and one of our escorts had them sing the ABC song as loud and as fast as possible to drown them out)


Also, THIS STORY.  When questioned about the choice to post graphic pictures of gore where kids who can barely comprehend where babies come from can see them, here was the response:

“It’s not something that I would flaunt in front of a 4 or 6 year old,” responded Law. “But if parents are driving by, they can ask their children to look the other way. Or they can tell their children, this is what some people do to their kids.”

Because Screw Decency. These are the same people who would screech  “What about the children?” if a same gender couple held hands or kissed in public. But Fetal Snuff Porn is perfectly okay.


Who needs Laws, Manners, Decency, Empathy, Common Sense, Intelligence, Integrity or Honesty, when you’ve got Jesus on your side?


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