Hey, Feminace? What’s up with that name?

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Just stuff
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Good question, title!

The “Femin” part should be fairly obvious.  I’m a cis lady, who occasionally likes to get all femmy’d up.  Thanks to fibro, and depression, topped with the shit cherry that is anxiety, I don’t leave my house very often, unless it’s to see the doctor or stand witness to the Merry Band of Morons, or dinner with my partner, but when I do, I sometimes like to get all dressy, put on makeup, maybe wear a dress.

And that used to be a thing I didn’t do for myself for a long time, and it just felt silly. Now, it’s for me, and here’s why:

That “-ace” part?

asexual pirates

…and this asexual pirate stopped giving a fuck about doing her pretty for anyone else the moment she came out. I feel so much more confident now, like knowing myself better.  I’ll spare you all the long drawn out story of how I came to here, but let’s just say I spent a lot of years going down the wrong road.

Or the wrong way down the road?  I don’t know.

So, it’s Asexual Awareness Week, and now you’re aware of at least one asexual in your life.  Good for you 🙂

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