“But MLK said…” STAHP!

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Woke up from a nap with something on my mind.

Can the people posting MLK quotes in order to make the protests/revolt in Ferguson seem against the man’s wishes just fucking stop?

There are many reasons, but here are a few that immediately come to mind:

A) The man’s memory isn’t a fucking clicker you can whip out to make us ‘animals’ behave.
B) He did great things, but he’s not the Black Messiah. We don’t pray to him, we don’t pray towards him, we don’t burn incense for him, we don’t sing MLK carols, stop treating his memory like an invisible sheep herder you can invoke to keep the ‘animals’ in line.
C) Some of you seem very willing to cut off your memory of the man right before and after the I Have A Dream Speech. He may have used polite words, but his message was far from it. Read Letters from a Birmingham Prison. Read the speeches he gave around the too tragic end of his life.
D)He did almost everything right according to the Respectability Police: was well educated, dressed well, spoke well, promoted peaceful protest – and got shot in the fucking head for it anyway. It’s not the presentation, it’s the message.
E) He was treated as an enemy of the state by the FBI, a branch of the same government you insist we meekly submit to when they repeatedly make it clear that our lives don’t matter.
F) You wanna duel quotes? Look this one up: “A riot is the language of the unheard“. Guess who said that? You may also want to read the rest of what he said before and after that too.

Got it? Good. Now you can’t claim ignorance should someone read you for filth the next time you fix your fucking mouth to speak the man’s name again.


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