How to Ally (Selma revolutionary sheeple edition)

Posted: March 10, 2015 in fuckery, race

So, I’ve been thinking since the Bloody Sunday anniversary thing happened. Others have covered the good parts and the fucked up parts that made my eyes roll, but there was something that really got to me.

Hey, white/cis/straight libs and progressives, I gotta chat with some of you. It’s all within your rights and shit to turn your nose up at voting because it “doesn’t matter” and it’s super cool that when the “revolution” comes, you’ll be there to root the downtrodden on, but you know what would really help a motherfucker out right the fuck now?

Voting. No, seriously. And not just for the big sexy every four year clusterfuck elections either. State senators. City council. School board. The little laws and shit that affect just the area you live in. That shit matters too.

Anyone who tells me that there isn’t a difference in our two party system needs a reality check. Yes, it would be super great if there were room for more than two. Yes, it would be super great if it didn’t cost millions upon billions of dollars to run for a major office. But you know what’s not going to change that? Doing nothing. There are people right now who have been turned away from what is their right for fucked up reasons that one party is dead set on spreading. People shed blood on that fucking bridge in Selma to have the right, to have that one tool we actually can use, and you’re just going to leave it in the box? And worse, try to sound like you’re more aware/awake than the rest of us “sheep” who stand in lines for hours to exercise that same right? You gonna call 90-100 something year old black people who weren’t even born with that right and were actually alive during that struggle “sheep”? FOH

And you know what else? Quit rubbing your virtual hands waiting for this revolution to come unless you plan on doing more than just watching. Are you aware what happens during a revolution? People die. Innocent people die. People who don’t look like you die. A lot of people who probably don’t look like you die. So excuse me if I’m not all about waiting for that shit to happen. And fuck white radicals who show up to majority POC rallies and protests trying to start shit, knowing good and goddamned well the only people who will suffer aren’t them. You want to help? Shut up and stand with us. You want to help? Keep your revolution boner in your fucking pants unless you plan on getting together with Brad and A.A. (whose real name is Amber, but that’s just too “mainstream”) and Comrade Brittany and starting your own.

Sick of this shit.


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