Posted: May 28, 2015 in fuckery

I’m only trying to help y’all.

See, when people are criticizing diverse representation in some form of media or something and this shit happens:

Example: “Why are their no black main actors is this movie about Egypt?”
Fuckwitted answer: “Maybe they wanted star power!” or “Maybe the actors that auditions weren’t good enough!”

Example: “Why is this cismale actor playing a transgendered character?”
Answer pulled straight from ass: “Maybe no transgendered actors tried out?” or “Maybe they didn’t want to put a transgendered actor through playing a pretransitioned character?” or “Maybe they wanted star power!”

Example: “Why isn’t there an option to play a female character in this first person shooter?”
You Get The Fucking Point Answer: “Maybe not enough women play!”


Don’t do this. You are making a claim that, unless you have some very specific knowledge, you cannot possibly prove. I just read this same shit when someone wondered why they couldn’t have hired an actual blind person to head up Daredevil. The poor sod was saying shit like “How would they read the script?” and “There can’t be that many blind actors around.”


And then someone posted a link to two acting academies that specialize with the blind. And then presented a list of already known blind actors.


See how ignorant you can look when you try to stand up for the status quo?


This tact is derailing at the least, and makes you sound both ignorant and uncaring. And if you don’t care, why the fuck are you even responding? We’re aware that Hollywood is in the business to make as much money as humanly possible. We’re aware that gaming culture caters to the young white male demographic to the point of ridiculousness. We know that our society is skewed heavily to avoid diversity. You don’t have to fucking remind us when we bring up specific examples of it. We want to challenge the status quo.


Again, if you don’t care, don’t respond. If you find us bring this shit up annoying (lucky you), thanks to options on your platform of choice, you don’t even have to see it. Take your own damn responsibility.


Or at least, don’t start whining when you get your ass handed right back to you.


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