“They Took My Phone” Journal Writings Part 1: An Unpublished Thank You

Posted: September 7, 2015 in mental health

This is me getting all the crap I was writing while in hospital out and out here.  I struggled for a while to figure out a title for this little series that wasn’t ableist or boring.

So I came up with “They Took My Phone”.  Since that was a huge fucking worry while I was there.  And in hindsight, it makes me laugh.

So, if you’re not up for hearing these thoughts, you can skip these.  Don’t worry, I’ve got so much to rant about normally.  So let’s get this out of the way.

I have amazing friends, and some came to visit me.  One dear friend took point as my official online communicator, giving out the info as to where I was, and if/when I was ready for visitors and such.  Everyone should have a friend like this.

There was a post I wanted to pass along, but I forgot to hand it over during a visit, so I”m putting this here, since some of you readers did wish me well:

Hullo Mother
Hullo Father
Here I am in
Camp “We’re All Mad Here”…
I should be released back into the world soon. I couldn’t let another day pass without thanking each and every one of you who commented, liked, sent photos of smolz, visited, got me A Thing, and let me ramble unfiltered at your face. I’m blown the fuck away by this avalanche of “We Give A Fuck”. Whenever I’m feeling hopeless, I look at the responses and read them.
You like me, you really like me.
I should be out of here by Thursday, Friday at the latest. I want to make an appearance at Secular Women Work because after near a week of meltdowns, med adjustments, wishing bad things to happen to my psychiatrist, and self-imposed isolation, I want to come out swinging and kicking ass and looking awesome.
This shit gives me something to live for.
I’ve got shit to do. Too much shit to do.
So, yeah. Much love,

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