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Dear Whoever Thought This Was a Good Stock Photo to Use:

No one this far along would seek an abortion unless something has gone horribly, terribly, wrong.

To use such a pic is misleading as fuck.

Stop it.

No Love,

No Love, Me: Papal Edition

Posted: January 15, 2015 in fuckery, no love me

(sorry about the sporadic posts, folks.  Still recovering from The Fucking Flu)

Dear Pope,

The proper response to words you don’t like is more words: rebuking words, counter-argument words, dismissive words, insulting words.

Not a punch.

Yes, even if it’s your mom or your religion they’re talking about.

We’ve learned this as children. You’re the leader of a major religion and a small city-state.

Act like it.

No Love,

No Love, Me

Posted: January 5, 2015 in fuckery, no love me

Dear flu,

Fuck off. Life is exhausting enough with my combination of issues that I sure as shit didn’t ask you to come around.


No Love,


New Segment! “No Love, Me”

Posted: January 2, 2015 in fuckery, race

So, this year I’m starting a little segment here called “No Love, Me”, a set of little notes to things, people, situations, places, whatever that annoy me, but not enough to go into full blown rant mode.

And I’m starting big. ┬áReal big.

Dear Oprah,

Welcome to the current movement.
We don’t have one or two leaders.
We have many.
We have none.
We learned the lessons, especially: “Our Leaders tend to get shot” and “We don’t need one spokesman”.

Can you try to promote what I hope is a very good movie with some of this shit in mind?

No Love,